Abrar Aziz

Power Engineer

"I love the leadership platform and the culture surrounding trying new and exciting things, it is the perfect place to grow."

Barry Shill

Principal Electrical Engineer

Cameron Bekendam

Power Engineer

"It's exciting to be part of an ambitious team that is dedicated to making a positive contribution to the world in which we live."

David Dortmans

Senior Design Drafter

David Newton

Principal Consultant

"I'm proud to be a member of the Middleton Group team and to be able to contribute to team members professional development."

Guy Hodgkinson

Technical Director - Power Systems | Principal Electrical Engineer

"Seeing our team constantly evolving and challenging themselves in new and interesting areas of our industry is extremely rewarding."

Hisney Nowfal

Senior Power Engineer

"I feel Middleton Group stands true to its mission of providing long term sustainable solutions, and I feel empowered that I have the ability to have a direct impact on these solutions."

Jason Gomes

Undergraduate Electrical Engineer

"It's exciting to develop as young engineer in a passionate team that truly strives towards shaping a sustainable energy future."

Kristian Vukadin

Graduate Power Engineer

"It's motivating to see the way in which our team comes together and adapts to deliver on the promises we make to our clients."

Mark Hancock

Principal Power Engineer

"I like that we get to make stuff better."

Nicholas Armstrong

Power Engineer

"Being able to work within a diverse and passionate team to deliver great engineering solutions for our clients is extremely rewarding. I have personally been able to learn and improve my skills on a daily basis working on these challenging projects."

Noel Philip

Graduate Power Engineer

"To be a part of a team who go above and beyond every day to create our own luck and provide for our clients is inspiring."