Alex Low

Business Director - Sustainable Growth

"Working with the talented teams at Middleton Group is a pleasure! Our focus on positive client experiences and the value proposition for all projects delivery shows great consultancy practice. I’m excited to be part of Middleton Group’s growth on Australia’s path to reduced emissions and electrification transition for our communities."

Chinthaka Seneviratne

Principal Engineer

Damien Vermeer

Senior Power Engineer

Enkhee Munkhchuluun

Power Engineer

"Middleton Group is a place where world-leading experts offer our customers economically efficient and technically reliable solutions."

Jerome Rowcroft

Senior Renewable Energy Engineer

"I enjoy how the team comes together seamlessly across all sectors to provide creative solutions for our clients based on sound engineering principles."

Jingwen Ding

Power Engineer

"It’s a blessing to have strong core values across our team as it makes it easy for me to learn new things and develop myself every day."

Qazi Rahman

Principal Engineer

"I enjoy learning about a diverse range of topics. Although it can be hectic, it is rewarding when we are able to deliver to our clients."