A little bit about Middleton Group ...

Are you looking to reduce energy costs, increase network reliability or develop future power networks? Our team is committed to delivering an outstanding outcome on your project.

We are an Australian-owned and operated consultancy with a team of engineers and project managers who thrive on solving complex power and energy challenges through innovation, collaboration and engineering excellence. We specialise in all the major engineering market segments, including transportation, sustainable energy, industrial and power utilities.

We believe it is our responsibility to create a sustainable energy future for our communities. We understand that it is incumbent upon every individual within our organisation to help our local industry partners and communities to move toward sustainable power usage and renewable energy.


Our engineering solutions strike the balance between commerciality, operational practicality and innovation. This is why some of Australia’s brightest enterprises, government departments and community groups partner with Middleton Group.

Our services include:

  • Strategy and planning
  • Design and engineering
  • Project management and delivery
  • Operations and maintenance

Work with us to power the transition to a new energy future today.

Our vision

To create a sustainable energy future for our communities.

Our mission

To unite talented people to solve complex problems through innovation, collaboration and engineering excellence.

Our core values

Safety and wellbeing
Safety and wellbeing
Deliver on our promises
Deliver on our promises
Collaboration and teamwork
Collaboration and teamwork
Moddleton Group Panel

Our people are our greatest asset

We harness an innovation culture. From graduate engineer to director, our team members are actively supported and encouraged to voice their opinions, challenge the status quo and contribute towards the strategic direction of our business.

Importantly, every individual at Middleton Group aims to deliver excellence while helping your organisation realise the maximum value of your project.

Meet the people at the heart of Middleton Group.

Meet our team

Equality, diversity and inclusion

Our company culture is rich in thought and experience because our people are diverse, collectively bringing a vast range of insights to engineering problem-solving. At last count, between us there were 23 countries of origin and 28 languages. Middleton Group values and respects the diversity of our people, our customers, our suppliers and communities.