Our vision

Engineering a better future for Australasia

Responsible businesses are not just better for our community, they’re also better connected, more in touch with industry shifts, innovative, and prepared to go above and beyond to improve our communities.

This is the heart of why we set out to engage with our communities. By sharing our knowledge and partnering with like-minded community groups to deliver sustainable outcomes for Australasia’s towns and cities, we can shape a future that balances profit with the needs of individuals and groups.

The most exciting thing: We’ve only just begun.

Our commitment

Middleton Group has committed to providing a substantial amount of our collective time towards undertaking pro-bono work that has direct community benefit, and is aligned with our vision and mission.

Read on to find out how our team has engaged with community groups.


Middleton Group High School and University

High schools and universities

Middleton Group works with secondary and tertiary institutions offering leadership in our discipline. Some of these institutions include:

  • University of Technology Sydney
  • University of Sydney
  • University of NSW
  • Swinburne University of Technology
  • Deakin University
  • RTSA (University Challenge)
  • Engineers Australia Elevation

We take part in guest lectures/tutorial appearances, feedback sessions, post-internship presentations, student social events, networking opportunities, and sponsorships. Contact us to request involvement at your next engineering-related event.

Middleton Group also offers structured opportunities for interns.

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Middleton Group Masterclasses


We share our experience with the engineering community and help young engineers develop knowledge across all power disciplines including: transport, renewables, industrial, safety, transmission and distribution.

Check out examples of our masterclasses below.

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Industry engagement

Conferences and events

We participate in events and conferences to contribute to the knowledge and expertise of the engineering sector, as well as broader industries that take a special interest in the future of our country. Our experts are well-versed in facilitating and leading conversations in sustainability, transport and the future of industrial technologies.

Examples of our industry participation include:

  • National Electric Energy Conference
  • World Engineers Convention
  • Permanent Way Institution
  • Electric Energy Society of Australia event
  • Women in Engineering
  • Railway Technical Society of Australasia

We plan to continue sponsoring and attending engineering conferences and events.


Middleton Group industry association

Industry associations

Middleton Group is an active participant and member in a range of associations, including:


Broader community

Our charity initiatives

Middleton Group staff take pride in taking part in charity activities. Our charity efforts have included the following:


Hepburn windfarm

Our impactful work

Middleton Group works with community groups and not-for-profit organisations on a pro-bono basis for projects that have a positive impact on communities, especially those focusing on sustainable use of power.

Some of our past and in-progress community-based works include:

  • REFCL is a new technology introduced by the Victorian government to mitigate bushfires caused by fallen powerlines. Hepburn Wind is the owner and operator of Australia’s first community-owned wind farm and required assistance with preparing their site for REFCL installation. We have supported Hepburn Wind in the detailed design for REFCL which has enabled their site to be compliant with state government requirements.
  • Bendigo Tramways: The tramways is looking to update their current system to ensure that they can operate new trams at its museum. Middleton Group is assisting in the evaluation of current power systems and the upgrade proposed for the tramway museum.

If you have an upcoming project that aims to improve community sustainability through renewable energy sources or better power usage, please share your brief with us here.

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Employee testimonials

"I like that we get to make stuff better."

Mark Hancock, Principal Power Engineer

"I love our commitment to knowledge sharing. It’s fantastic to see young engineers eager to master engineering. It rekindles my days as a graduate 30 years ago."

Rajendra Vaidya, Principal Engineer

"It's exciting to be part of an ambitious team that is dedicated to making a positive contribution to the world in which we live."

Cameron Bekendam, Power Engineer

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