As a means to reduce their electricity costs, GSK was interested in commissioning a generator on their site to supplement their peak usage during the summer.


The Middleton Group team’s expertise was sought to perform connection studies to support the embedded generation’s parallel operation with utility power supply.


In order to deliver on our promises made to the client, the solution for this project involved utilising our team’s leveraged specialist expertise in procuring connection agreement reviews from power utilities to expedite the process.


By working collaboratively with our client as well as the supply authority, it was possible to provide a direction on the generator connection to offset peak load for our customer.

Given the great work Middleton Group conducted during this project’s first stage, the project has now moved forward to stage two. This next stage involves dynamic system modelling and protection studies for connection.

Project team

Cameron Bekendam

Senior Power Engineer

Abrar Aziz

Senior Power Engineer