Middleton Group was engaged by the client to conduct work on an existing earthing system at a Defence facility. The project required a safety and compliance assessment on an older asset where the existing configuration was unknown to the client.


On this project the Middleton Group team was faced with the challenge of performing a safety assessment of existing earth grid installations at the site. This earth grid had already been designed by an external party many decades prior, but was not accurately documented and certain quantities of the earth grid were unknown.


The Middleton Group team worked tirelessly with the client to ensure that their needs were met. We were able to utilise the knowledge from our earthing system experts to perform current injection testing of the existing earthing installation to accurately measure performance under earth fault conditions.


On this project, we were able to perform an assessment of the test data, producing a report to verify the installation’s performance against safety criteria outlined in Australian standards. We successfully added value by creating an Earthing Maintenance Plan for periodical earth grid inspections.

Project team

Cameron Bekendam

Senior Power Engineer

Scott Mitcherson

Principal Earthing Consultant