Glass furnaces typically require a rebuild every 10-15 years, whereby the electrical and control infrastructure is upgraded over a shutdown period. O-I Glass needed to perform this upgrade on their AK2 Furnace, Auckland New Zealand.


The O-I Glass furnace rebuild was a challenging project with respect to the complex electrical engineering concepts associated with this type of equipment. However, on this project specifically, a unique challenge was observed in the form of site-based construction / commissioning support for the AK2 Furnace Rebuild, located in Auckland. Given our company is based in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia, this raised availability issues of our team in some cases.


The Middleton Group team was able to provide the necessary solutions to our client’s needs through previous furnace rebuild experience. This was supplemented through the introduction of site-based construction / commissioning support throughout the shutdown, allowing our team of engineers to work efficiently with the client and provide additional HV protection studies while being responsive to short timeframes /deadlines.


The results our team provided to O-I Glass were overall extremely positive. We were able to complete the entirety of our desired works during the project shutdown period. This involved rectifying various brownfield challenges onsite along the way. Given this, we were trusted by our client to deliver right through to the furnace start-up.

Project team

Cameron Bekendam

Power Engineer

Adam Loucas

Senior Power Engineer