Middleton Group was involved in reviewing the design (30%, 60%, and 90%) to install a 220kV interconnector cable between the Mortlake South Wind Farm and Terang Substation (approx 15km of cable).

The Owners Engineer role involved reviewing design and installation documentation, site support, and supervision of installation works conducted on-site by the subcontractor (John Beever Australia).


Working on a challenging project which required providing advice on the best practice of installing 220kV cable on site.

More specifically, the ongoing monitoring and surveillance were required daily, highlighting installation and design issues by the D&C contractor.


Middleton Group conducted site supervision throughout the owner’s engineer’s role at Mortlake and conducted regular site inspections throughout the construction works.

This required working closely with Acciona and JBA personnel to help the team understand the best practices of installing 220kV cable underground.


Middleton Group successfully reviewed Acciona design, and Owners Engineers Role (Surveillance) highlighted any deficiencies with installing and commissioning the 220kV cable on-site throughout construction.

This led Acciona to confidently install the 220kV cable for their windfarm in an efficient process and have the validation that the plans were designed to a high standard.

Project team

Elpidio Jayagan

Principal Power Engineer