City West Water (CWW) has identified an opportunity for solar development at their Werribee Recycled Water Treatment Plant (WRWTP) and has asked for our assistance in identifying opportunities.


City West Water engaged Middleton Group to prepare a feasibility study report detailing the size and staging of the solar PV installation required for WRWTP with consideration to existing equipment and forecasted growth.


Middleton group performed a preliminary feasibility study to assess the basic requirements of the project. We then evaluated technical specifications, a geotechnical assessment, and a cost estimate. Using this information, we then built a project implementation plan.

For further assistance, we also aided CWW with a grid connection study and analysis of what equipment would need to be upgraded to support the new infrastructure.


Middleton Group presented a detailed study with the following options:

1. Plant sizing including offset for local requirements,
2. Plant sizing to maximise generation without necessitating AEMO Power Plant Registration (up to 5MW),
3. Plant sizing to maximise generation greater than 5MW.

The detailed analysis performed by Middleton Group for multiple different scenarios allowed CWW to analyse the best option to pursue for the design phase.

Project team

Adam Loucas

Senior Power Engineer