To achieve Sydney Water’s Energy Management and Climate Change goal, Sydney Water have been investigating options to improve their energy efficiency and prepare for a low-energy future. This investigation led to an opportunity to implement a solar PV system across multiple Sydney Water sites.


Sydney Water desired technical specifications for their proposed solar PV system which outlined the processes for the design, commissioning and maintenance stages for roof mounted, free standing and building integrated systems. This project was very large and required a team who had deep knowledge of each stage of the project. The specifications were to be applied across multiple sites so needed to be flexible but robust.


Middleton Group performed a detailed assessment on the proposed solar PV plant plans and developed specifications and internal process which:

  • Increased the number of solar PV systems to maximise behind-the-meter electricity use
  • Ensured that all Sydney Water PV systems met the minimum acceptable safety performance and reliability requirements
  • Improved safety and reduced costs through standardistation and consistency of Sydney Water solar PV systems


Middleton Group’s work resulted in an maximised solar PV system which maximised the output of the network while also ensure safety and reliability from the design to operational stages of the project.

This project aided Sydney Water in improving their energy efficiency and preparing for a low-energy future.

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