More train services will be needed to support the rapid population growth in Melbourne’s West and South-East. LXRP engaged Middleton Group to assess the existing infrastructure and propose a new infrastructure to meet the demand.


In this project, engineers at Middleton Group have been challenged to assess the traction power network’s performance on the Sandringham and Werribee Lines under service uplift. Using our technical knowledge, we were required to propose new infrastructure that met network performance criteria while offering the best value for money to the state.


To solve the challenge at hand, our team undertook a detailed analysis to better understand the existing infrastructure gaps and propose a solution that maximizes the benefits. We achieved this by applying effective stakeholder management and using innovative tools to expedite modelling.


Middleton Group’s proposed infrastructure was shown to clearly meet the brief, and to yield substantial value for money for the state.

By communicating in an open, clear and informative manner, LXRA had full confidence in Middleton Group’s modelling results and gained a deeper understanding of the existing traction power network.

Project team

Qazi Rahman

Principal Engineer