How can we help?

  • Constructability reviews
  • Construction staging and sequencing
  • Strategic advisory on project development and delivery
  • Risk and opportunities review
  • Complex stakeholder engagement and management (Environmental, planning, amenities and government agencies)
  • Interface and integration engineering
  • Multidisciplinary design management
  • On-site construction support
  • IFC design drawing review
  • Quality assurance and ITP inspections
  • Contractor ITP and integrated management systems audits
  • Construction compliance audits and pre-pour concrete inspections
  • Provision of design and construction compliance reports

Why choose us?

  • Extensive experience delivering effective design packages integrating safety and constructability
  • Thorough understanding on mitigating potential constructability risks during delivery stage (time, cost and feasibility)
  • Proven track record of adding significant value through procurement and construction phases
  • Ability to expand site-based role to support end to end service delivery for multiple customers upon their request
  • Proven ability to provide “turn-key” project feasibility and development

Our experience

Middleton Group have significant construction engineering project experience in the following areas:

HV Terminal Stations and Substations

  • Edison – Major projects
  • Richmond Terminal Station
  • Brunswick Terminal Station
  • West Melbourne Terminal Station
  • Southern Cross Substation Melbourne
  • Mortlake wind farm
  • 220 kV cable installation – owners engineers and site construction engineering
  • Haunted Gully Terminal Station – 500/220 kV Terminal Station


  • Subdivisions
  • Ford decommissioning program – Separation of services Geelong
  • AK2 furnace rebuild
  • Rebuild of the No.2 glass furnace and associated regenerators in Auckland, New Zealand


  • Solar panel rectification works in Healesville, Whittlesea and Upper Yarra, Victoria
  • PLC upgrade D&C in Brushy Creek, Victoria

Latest case studies