Earthing study capability brings peace of mind to our clients’ existing designs and confidence in the safety and compliance of new designs and installations. We provide specialist earthing service, ensuring safe and reliable earthing systems in all applications.


How can we help?

Earthing system testing

  • Soil resistivity testing
  • Condition and integrity testing
  • Visual inspections
  • Earth System Performance Testing


Earth system consulting engineering and design

  • Lightning Protection System Design (LPS)
  • Performance bench-marking
  • Commissioning testing
  • Earthing system design and reviews
  • Plant earthing system management
  • Modelling using CDEGS specialist software

Why choose us?

  • High technical capability
  • Extensive experience across a range of challenging projects
  • Proven ability to design and assess against industry standards as well as client-specific standards

Our experience

Middleton Group provides safe earthing solutions for our clients across all industries:


Wind farm WTG earthing system commissioning over 100 tests in NSW and WA, solar farm earthing design and commissioning in SA, VIC and NSW and earthing review of GESS Harmonic filter installation.


Melbourne water sites for mini-hydro, Pacific Energy mini-hydro sites at Cardinia and Blue Rock Dams and compliance testing of hydro substations in NSW.


WA power station earthing studies for compliance testing of main and peripheral plant, earthstudy, design and testing of multiple zone substations in metropolitan NSW.


Design and testing of earthing systems for upgrades to industrial power systems and data centres in NSW, VIC and McCain Foods substation earthing design.


Parkville and Kooyong substation earthing design. Multiple HV and signaling earthing systems designs for NWPA and SPA.


Earthing system integrity and performance testing of HV assets. Harmonic and interference investigations.

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Scott Mitcherson

Principal Earthing Consultant

Cameron Bekendam

Senior Power Engineer

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