Embedded generation, also known as distributed or local generation, is any type of individual electricity generation unit that is connected to the electricity distribution network. Many clients implement ‘behind-the-meter’ embedded generation solutions which can provide a range of benefits, such as decreased electricity bills and backup power.

How can we help?

  • Solar/wind energy yield assessments and feasibility studies
  • Load profile analysis and shifting to match embedded generation
  • Grid connection services
  • Micro-grids
  • Battery and energy storage
  • Power utility interface
  • Connection application support
  • Economic assessment and business case development software

Why choose us?

  • Pragmatic advice on embedded generation technologies considering financial, operational, environmental and social perspectives
  • Broad experience across a variety of industries and embedded generation technologies
  • Experience working with industry and client-specific standards/processes

Our experience

Some of our experience is highlighted below:

  • 30 GWh/year, multiple technologies at a large wastewater treatment plant: Solar, wind, biogas storage and battery storage yield assessments and feasibility studies, consideration of client operational requirements and HOMER software analysis
  • 30-100 kW solar installations across multiple water industry sites: Solar yield assessments and feasibility studies including consideration of NSP export limits, load profile analysis and optimisation, concept plant design including integration into existing electrical – infrastructure
  • 4 MVA hydro: Detailed HV switchgear design, protection study and earthing study
  • 40 MW solar farm: Concept plant design grid connection services and PSSE load flow studies
  • 5 MW solar farm: Economic analysis for all components required for solar farm operation

Latest case studies