The Eastern Treatment Plant was commissioned around 1973. Much of the original electrical infrastructure remained in service well beyond its normal design service life. This project was carried out to renew the remaining original electrical high voltage switchboards, transformers, unit substations and motor load centres.


Middleton Group’s expertise was sought to develop a functional design that defined the project requirements in sufficient detail. These requirements were needed as the basis for project procurement via a D&C contract and to prepare an implementation plan that would enable the work to be undertaken without disrupting the 24/7 operation of the plant.


To deliver high-quality work to Melbourne Water, we chose team members who had site knowledge and who were experienced in the client risk-management framework. We co-located our team to the plant office to work closely with our clients to better understand the plant operation and the challenges to the significant infrastructure.


As the result of our work replacing aged assets, separating HV and LV assets, and managing the level of service risk posted by aging assets, Eastern Treatment Plant gained improved safety and network reliability. Furthermore, our detailed technical scope and implementation strategy was also considered to have narrowed down the cost risks associated with the D&C contract.

Project team

Rajendra Vaidya

Principal Engineer