Alanna Lally

Operations Coordinator

"The people in the business have made me feel so welcome. I enjoy the collaborative environment and to know we are working together for a more sustainable future makes it even more satisfying."

Atakohu Middleton

Communications Adviser

"The people at Middleton Group are sharp, can-do, and incredibly committed to their work. I really enjoy telling stories about the company, its people and their shared vision of a sustainable energy future for all."

Daniel Burn

General Manager - Engineering and Design

"What I like about working at Middleton Group is that there is a diversity of really bright, talented and engaging people that work across a wide breadth of the power industry."

Judith Nair

EA/Office Manager

" 'It's people like you who make people like me' and Middleton Group brings out the best in me. Dedicated leaders and an awesome team, I’m here to stay."

Katharine Myles

Operations Coordinator

"I really appreciate the focus around people and personal growth within Middleton Group. It’s refreshing to be in an environment that puts connections and partnership at the forefront."

Keith Middleton

Managing Director

"It's significantly rewarding for me to work with such a talented and values-based team who are genuinely focused on delivering well for our clients."

Matthew Brown

Operations Lead

"I enjoy being part of an organisation that has a commitment to strong collaboration. Internally, we have a great value-based team culture, and externally, we pride ourselves on building great working relationships with our clients and partners, and this makes for a really enjoyable work environment. I feel proud to contribute to an organisation that is striving to solve complex problems to benefit our communities and planet."

Petra Siskos

General Manager - People and Operations

"It’s the people that make the organisation! I’m excited to be working within such a supportive culture with a great focus on learning and development."

Sam Pigera

Finance and Business Manager

"I love being able to work within a team that values growth and potential, and also having the opportunity to try new things in my career."