Amber Truong

Undergraduate Electrical Engineer

"It's comforting to work in an environment where people's well-being and their professional growth motivates me to strive for excellence."

Andrew Russack

Technical Director - Rail Electrification

“Working at Middleton Group provides for an incredible variety of jobs and projects. We have a friendly flexibly work environment, but work hard to provide excellent outcomes for our clients, whilst focusing our vision of providing a sustainable energy future for the community.”

Caroline Phillips

Director of Clients and Markets | Principal Engineer

"It's the people and culture that make Middleton Group what it is; along with the variety in approaches to helping our clients; and the flexibility and adaptability used to try and work out any complex situation."

Christian Siegal

Principal Traction Engineer

“I find working and associating with such a diverse, driven and interesting team at Middleton Group, a very stimulating experience which makes me feel so much younger.”

Dr Stephen Goh

Traction Power Lead | Technical Director – Traction Power, EMC, E&B

"To be part of an ambitious team and mentor some of the brightest young engineers who will undoubtedly be Australia railway systems specialists in the not so distant future is extremely invigorating."

Eric Bentsen

Power Engineer

"The continuous pursuit of knowledge across our team is inspiring, this is supported by our values and shared through clear communication."

Keith Middleton

Managing Director

"Its significantly rewarding for me to work with such a talented and values-based team who are genuinely focused on delivering well for our clients."

Medhat Al Zaman

Power Engineer

"By working across multiple industries, everyday I'm able to continually enhance my knowledge and skillset."

Michael Cocks

Senior Project Manager

Noel Philip

Graduate Power Engineer

"To be a part of a team who go above and beyond every day to create our own luck and provide for our clients is inspiring."

Qazi Rahman

Senior Electrical Engineer

"I enjoy learning about a diverse range of topics, although it can be hectic, it is rewarding when we are able to deliver to our clients."

Stephen George

Principal Power Engineer

“Middleton has values of excellence, collegiate working, personal and team development to deliver outstanding added value in client outcomes.”