Chloe Gordon

Graduate Power Engineer

"It’s great to be part of a supportive and passionate team where I am empowered to develop my knowledge and skills."

Eva Sihag

Graduate Electrical Engineer

"It is gratifying to be part of a committed team with solid core principles who encourage you to develop your abilities as an engineer and a professional while providing you with exciting new learning opportunities every day."

Kateryna Bielikova

Drafting intern

“I feel a deep sense of honour in becoming part of Middleton Group, and I am genuinely excited about the opportunities for my personal and professional growth here.”

Mirza Shawon

Senior Power Engineer

“It is always exciting to work at fast-growing organisations across different industries, and MG has given me an opportunity to contribute to the growth of the organisation and learn from technical experts as part of my everyday work.”

Neil O’Kelly

Senior Secondary & Protection Engineer

"Here at Middleton Group are people with a wide range of skills from diverse backgrounds working to one goal – to provide clients with service of the highest quality."

Noel Philip

Power Engineer

"To be a part of a team who go above and beyond every day to create our own luck and provide for our clients is inspiring."

Rajendra Vaidya

Principal Engineer

"I love our commitment to knowledge sharing, it’s fantastic to see young engineers eager to master engineering. It rekindles my days as a graduate 30 years ago."

Stephen Pong

Eledes Specialist

"My impression of Middleton Group is it is rather GREEN. Also it has a spirit of helping one another. These values also align with my religion and personal belief. The not-so-big company size makes it very easy to communicate with the top. The lack of company politics fosters a culture of trust, which is critical in building a successful business."

Sudeep Lele

Senior Design Manager

"I feel privileged to be a part of a team that preaches and practices meritocracy, it empowers every team member to give it their best, every single day."

Tanmay Rege

Graduate Electrical Engineer

"I love that I can learn something new every day by regularly working on exciting projects with our diverse team to deliver on our promises to clients."