Chi Zhang

Undergraduate Engineer

"I have never felt more accomplished in my academic career than at Middleton Group, where I am able to apply technology to real power projects in a welcoming and open environment."

Chinthaka Seneviratne

Principal Engineer

Chloe Gordon

Graduate Power Engineer

"It’s great to be part of a supportive and passionate team where I am empowered to develop my knowledge and skills."

Cian Byrne

Junior Design Manager

"I value Middleton’s commitment to professional values, sustainable development, and providing a workplace of innovation and knowledge-sharing."

Daniel Burn

General Manager - Engineering and Design

"What I like about working at Middleton Group is that there is a diversity of really bright, talented and engaging people that work across a wide breadth of the power industry."

David Newton

Principal Consultant

"I'm proud to be a member of the Middleton Group team and to be able to contribute to team members' professional development."

Dinnesh Anamalay

Team Leader, Primary & Earthing

"What I value about working at Middleton Group is the keen sense of camaraderie and support from everyone. It makes you feel that you are never walking alone.”

Ebony Apps

Undergraduate Electrical Engineer

"Middleton Group has given me a supportive and nurturing environment where I can advance my skills and try new things surrounded by friendly faces and plenty of opportunities."

Elpidio Jayagan

Principal Power Engineer

"It's rewarding to work in an environment where we comfortably deliver high quality engineering services that will have an impact on our future generations."

Enkhee Munkhchuluun

Senior Power Systems Engineer

"Middleton Group is a place where world-leading experts offer our customers economically efficient and technically reliable solutions."

Eric Bendtsen

Power Engineer

"The continuous pursuit of knowledge across our team is inspiring. This is supported by our values and shared through clear communication."

Eva Sihag

Graduate Electrical Engineer

"It is gratifying to be part of a committed team with solid core principles who encourage you to develop your abilities as an engineer and a professional while providing you with exciting new learning opportunities every day."