David Dortmans

Senior Design Drafter

"It’s inspiring to be part of a team whose focus is to deliver the best technical outcome for clients by utilising a strong skills and experience collaboration method providing opportunities for team and personal growth.”

David Newton

Principal Consultant

"I'm proud to be a member of the Middleton Group team and to be able to contribute to team members' professional development."

David Van Bergen

Director of Professional Development, Culture & Wellbeing | Senior Power Engineer | Business Growth Manager - NSW

"It's the people, culture, and projects which makes Middleton Group such a great place to work. There are boundless opportunities to further my growth and development while having lots of fun along the way!"

Dr Stephen Goh

Traction Power Lead | Technical Director – Traction Power, EMC, E&B

"To be part of an ambitious team and mentor some of the brightest young engineers who will undoubtedly be Australia railway systems specialists in the not-so-distant future is extremely invigorating."

Elpidio Jayagan

Principal Power Engineer

"It's rewarding to work in an environment where we comfortably deliver high quality engineering services that will have an impact on our future generations."

Enkhee Munkhchuluun

Power Engineer

"Middleton Group is a place where world-leading experts offer our customers economically efficient and technically reliable solutions."

Eric Bentsen

Power Engineer

"The continuous pursuit of knowledge across our team is inspiring. This is supported by our values and shared through clear communication."

Henry Van Toledo

Undergraduate Electrical Engineer

"I love being able to work in a positive environment where there is a focus on the wellbeing and development of our team members as well as being able to achieve great results."

Hisney Nowfal

Senior Power Engineer

"I feel Middleton Group stands true to its mission of providing long-term sustainable solutions, and I feel empowered that I have the ability to have a direct impact on these solutions."

Indhiran Nayagar

Senior Project Manager

"It’s exciting to be part of a diverse group of people who have specialised skills across various sectors in our industry."

Jarman Stephens

Senior Power Engineer

"I like the workplace flexibility at Middleton Group."

Jason Gomes

Undergraduate Electrical Engineer

"It's exciting to develop as young engineer in a passionate team that truly strives towards shaping a sustainable energy future."