Gayantha Paranawithana

Graduate Electrical Engineer

"I'm grateful to be part of a team of like-minded professionals who support my growth as an engineer and share my passion for creating a sustainable energy future. Being part of this team has not only enhanced my skills but has also inspired me to work towards a common goal with dedication and enthusiasm."

Gurumoorthi Saravanan

Senior Earthing Engineer

"Middleton promises versatility, offering various opportunities and expertise within the group. Its substantial growth offers an appealing opportunity for both professional and personal development and being a part of it is something I look forward to."

Harika Tatipakala

Electrical Engineering Intern

"I appreciate the collaborative work environment at Middleton Group and the opportunities for professional growth and development."

Heshna Uppadoo

Graduate Power Engineer

"Middleton Group’s vision goes hand-in-hand with my career plan in ensuring a sustainable future. It is a diverse workplace, something I look for, as I believe a diverse workplace makes one feel comfortable, keen to learn more and progress."

Hisney Nowfal

Senior Power Engineer

"I feel Middleton Group stands true to its mission of providing long-term sustainable solutions, and I feel empowered that I have the ability to have a direct impact on these solutions."

Jason Gomes

Power Engineer

"It's exciting to develop as young engineer in a passionate team that truly strives towards shaping a sustainable energy future."

Johanna Rigby

Power Engineer

"I am excited to collaborate with a dedicated team focused on creating a sustainable and brighter future for communities, leveraging our collective skills to tackle complex challenges."

Joseph Darker

Electrical Engineer

“Working at Middleton Group is particularly exciting for me as I too am passionate about building a sustainable future. Working with a professional team of like-minded engineers sharing that same passion through delivering a wide range of projects makes it a great place to be.”

Joseph Elcheikh

Senior Construction Engineer

"It's fun coming to work every day with a group of people who genuinely value their peers and always have their best interests in mind."

Judith Nair

EA/Office Manager

" 'It's people like you who make people like me' and Middleton Group brings out the best in me. Dedicated leaders and an awesome team, I’m here to stay."

Katharine Myles

Operations Coordinator

"I really appreciate the focus around people and personal growth within Middleton Group. It’s refreshing to be in an environment that puts connections and partnership at the forefront."

Keith Middleton

Managing Director

"It's significantly rewarding for me to work with such a talented and values-based team who are genuinely focused on delivering well for our clients."