Moses Kenyi

Senior Power Engineer, Primary & Earthing

"I like being able to work on technically challenging projects with some very knowledgeable and experienced electrical engineers. I learn a lot from my colleagues, and everyone is willing to offer their guidance and support when needed. I also enjoy the social events and camaraderie we have within the team."

Motaleb Shakil (Shaq)

Graduate Engineer

"I was attracted to Middleton Group by the people, the culture, and the learning opportunities. Key factors were meeting multiple people from Middleton Group at university and learning about the work the company does."

Neil O’Kelly

Senior Secondary & Protection Engineer

"Here at Middleton Group are people with a wide range of skills from diverse backgrounds working to one goal – to provide clients with service of the highest quality."

Nicholas Armstrong

Power Engineer

"Being able to work within a diverse and passionate team to deliver great engineering solutions for our clients is extremely rewarding. I have personally been able to learn and improve my skills on a daily basis working on these challenging projects."

Nick Yates

Strategic Advisor

“I get a great deal of satisfaction from being able to help others who are growing a business. It’s not easy.”

Noel Philip

Power Engineer

"To be a part of a team who go above and beyond every day to create our own luck and provide for our clients is inspiring."

Peter Alexopoulos

Senior Connections Manager, Grid Connections

"Middleton Group is about people who care to get it right. The culture is based on personalised treatment to our customers, and that’s what makes it appealing to work here."

Petra Siskos

General Manager People and Operations

"It’s the people that make the organisation! I’m excited to be working within such a supportive culture with a great focus on learning and development."

Phillip Chau

Graduate Power Engineer

"So early in my career, it's beneficial to be surrounded by people who are supportive of my growth and constantly encouraging me to voice my opinion and challenge the status quo."

Praveen Gunaratne

Senior Electrical Engineer

"I enjoy working at Middleton Group because of our commitment to providing effective technical solutions for our clients, as well as the challenging work we do across diverse industries. Also, I enjoy working with industry-leading engineers."

Qazi Rahman

Principal Engineer

"I enjoy learning about a diverse range of topics. Although it can be hectic, it is rewarding when we are able to deliver to our clients."

Rajendra Vaidya

Principal Engineer

"I love our commitment to knowledge sharing, it’s fantastic to see young engineers eager to master engineering. It rekindles my days as a graduate 30 years ago."